CRBF: BackPack 5LB ResMed Air Sense / AirStart / Air Curve 10 System 3-4 Nights



LIGHTWEIGHT and POWERFUL this Battery is for BACKPACKERS to take far off the grid and still be able with to use their ResMed AirSense / AirStart / AirCurve 10 Device for a great night of sleep for up to 3-4 Nights (7 hrs per night.) Battery weighs 3.3 Lbs and Power Cord weighs 1.7 Lbs. Battery is 9" x 5" x 2"

MOST POWERFUL Lithium Ion battery available. Compare with other brands specs:

This EXPION360 EX-72C unit has 266 WH (watt hours).  It is rated for 72000mAh (at 3.7V) which translates into 22AH at 12VDC. THIS BATTERY IS NOT CERTIFIED TO TAKE ON ANY COMMERCIAL AIRPLANE at this time because it exceeds the capacity limits set by the FAA.  We offer another similar battery here in our store that has 154 WH and meets the requirement for Carry On (cannot be checked baggage) and can be used In-Flight to power your Cpap completely independently.

This system comes complete with everything you need including the Battery and the ResMed Power Converter #37297 (made by ResMed)  that attaches the battery to the Cpap Device, and a battery charger to recharge the battery for repeat use.

Battery has (2) USB ports to charge either your Cell Phone or Tablet or GPS.

There are (2) Battery Chargers provided:  for either 115VAC or 12VDC source.

Battery is Fully Charged. Sets up in under 5 minutes! Ready to Go!

Cpap Power Warranty for this Battery System is TWO YEARS (prorated, with a FULL REPLACEMENT for the first 12 months.) BEST in our Industry!