CHBD: AIRPLANE or BackPack 4LB ResMed S8 System for 1-2 Nights Power


PRICE INCLUDES FAST SHIPPING via FedEx GROUND to Continental US (Only, no air-shipments allowed with Lithum-base batteries, even though you Can take this onto an airplane.)

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT and POWERFUL this Battery is for BACKPACKERS to take far off the grid and still be able with to use their ResMed S8 Cpap for a great night of sleep for up to 1-2 Nights (7 hrs per night.)  Battery weighs 3.3 Lbs and Power Cord weighs 0.7 Lbs. Battery is 8" x 6" x 2". 
THIS BATTERY IS CERTIFIED TO TAKE ON ANY COMMERCIAL AIRPLANE.   Carry-On  ONLY (cannot be checked baggage) and can be used In-Flight to power your Cpap completely independently. You are permitted to carry on up to Two of these batteries, but you would only need one for the flight.

MOST POWERFUL Lithium Ion battery available in its size range. Compare with other brands specs:

This EXPION360  EX-48PRO unit has 154 WH (watt hours).  It is rated for 48000mAh (at 3.2V) which translates into 13AH at 12VDC.  It is advanced LiFePo4  (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology which give the user TEN TIMES THE NUMBER OF DUTY CYCLES  compared with the older, First-generation Lithium-Ion batteries offered years ago. (5000 cycles vs 500).  This allows us to give a 5 year warranty versus the 1 yr for the Lithium Ion.

This system comes complete with everything you need including the Battery and the ResMed Compatible Power Converter Cord (Exclusive to Cpap Power), that attaches the battery to the ResMed S8 Cpap Device. This power cord will NOT WORK with any other brand or model of Cpap

Battery has (2) USB ports to charge either your Cell Phone or Tablet or GPS while you are out camping.

There are (2) Battery Chargers provided to recharge your battery for repeat use:  for either 115VAC or 12VDC source. This battery can also be charged with a Expion Solar Panel (contact seller directly for current prices.)

Battery is Fully Charged. Sets up in under 5 minutes! Ready to Go!

THE PRICE OF SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN OUR PRICE  via FedEx GROUND to Continental US,  SORRY, NO Overnight shipping available for Lithium batteries.

Cpap Power Warranty for this Battery System is FIVE YEARS (prorated, with a FULL REPLACEMENT for the first 24 months.) BEST WARRANTY in the Industry!