CAGK: Battery for All Brands 6-12 Nights Power



Battery and harness provides 6-12 nights of peace and security.  Perfect to enjoy the great outdoors on a camping trip or to keep you safe during a power outage. (Varies with your pressure settings and respiration rate while sleeping.)

THIS BUNDLE IS DESIGNED FOR THOSE CUSTOMERS WHO CHOOSE TO SUPPLY YOUR OWN CPAP/BIPAP  12VDC Power Cord that plugs into a standard 12V "Cigarette Lighter" Socket to make this work.

THIS BUNDLE IS ALSO DESIGNED FOR THOSE CUSTOMERS WHO CHOOSE TO SUPPLY YOUR OWN BATTERY CHARGER. Your charger must be able to charge this AGM GEL battery at 6AMPS/hr or LESS rate.  Charging at a higher rate risks "cooking" the Gel in this battery and voiding the warranty. 

BATTERY COMES WITH THREE PORTS so that you can power 2 Cpaps (doesn't need to be the same brand or model) along with a USB Charger (included) to recharge your Cell phone, GPS, or Tablet while you are sleeping. This Battery weighs 35 Lbs and has a carrying handle.

Battery is Fully Charged. Sets up in under 5 minutes!  Ready to Go! 

30 DAY NO RISK Trial Period to return for Full Refund if not COMPLETELY SATISFIED.  FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (prorated) BEST in our Industry!

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