Ron Shaw, owner and founder of discovered the need for a product like this during a minor storm which created a power outage at his home. He spent the night trying to sleep sitting upright in his recliner. After 2 hours of "sleep", the stiffness and muscle soreness set in, and by the end of the night, he was in agony. And he spent the next day horribly tired from the lack of quality sleep! Ron's wife, Christy, commented on his grumpiness several times that day! Thankfully the power came back on because Christy was ready for them to spend the next night in a Motel that had power!

Afterwards, when Ron went on-line to buy some sort of Battery System to use for his Cpap during Power Outages, he was disappointed in what was available.  Whatever he found was terribly expensive for a battery that only lasted 2 nights ("12 - 14 hours"), and it came with only a 6 month warranty AND it needed to be replaced every 2 - 3 years, (like the Li-Ion batteries that power laptop computers). These batteries on-line were really lightweight and portable, but that was no real advantage for use at home. Ron wanted something that had more energy reserves for when the power could stay out for multiple days.

Ron is not an electrical engineer, but fortunately he knew a guy at church who was! They made a system for Ron, and then another for Ron's son-in-law, Lee, and that is when the idea struck: 

There are Millions of individuals who are dependent on their Cpap devices to be able to breathe while sleeping. (That whole "oxygen supply to the brain" thing that our doctors keep harping about!) And Ron set out to provide a safe and secure, reasonably priced, alternative power source for people when unexpected outages occur. (As they do everywhere).  BUT after selling these on that really BIG auction site for several months, Ron quickly discovered from his new customers that Most people were buying them TO GO CAMPING! Suddenly people wanted a unit that would last beyond the 3 to 5 nights of his system. So, the creation of 2 bigger systems began. Now there are 3 choices, with the biggest "Brute" battery offering up to a whopping 12 nights of power (depending on your Cpap pressure settings). Each system is hand-assembled (usually by Ron!) and is tested for performance a minimum of 4 times before is goes out the door.

Now people can have the freedom to actually enjoy the outdoors with their loved ones on camping trips, even when a reliable power source is not always available. Even in motor homes, this provides power anywhere you need it, (right next to your bed!), without taxing the on-board batteries that run all the other items in your motor home. This deep-cycle AGM Gel Battery technology is made to be recharged Hundreds of times, and like the battery in your car, is designed to last 7 - 10 YEARS, and since you are not using it daily, it will probably last longer than that!

Thus began   Throughout extensive research and product testing and development, Ron is now proud to offer manufacturer-direct products to solve the common concerns of Cpap users across the nation. We have systems to support 90% of all the Cpap / BiPap models sold in America. The products which we offer here at provide the most reliable power source for your device during power outages, road trips, and camping excursions.  I, Ron Shaw guarantee it! (Read our unbeatable warranty! It's in the section called TERMS.)